OnePhotoBooth is a photo experienced company that provides custom Photo booth rentals, Mirror booths, Table-selfies  and Selfie Print stations for weddings and corporative events.

Moreover, we are  located in Santorini. That means no additional fees or huge transportation costs for you.


Whether you are throwing a beach party, a boat tour with friends, a wedding reception or a corporate event we have the right deal  for you!!!

The best idea for having fun at your party or reception and at the same time one of the gratest keepshakes you can get!!


Available services for the island:

  • Photobooth

  • Mirror Booth

  • Beauty Mirror Booth

  • PhotoBus (available for specific venues)

  • 360 Selfie stand (for 360 photos!!)

  • Selfie print satation ( for all yours and your guests selfies, printed with personalized layout directly from their smarphones!!)

  • Table selfies ( a photobooth for every table)

  • Live-streaming & and 360 live-streaming (NEW)

New services to come for season 2021!!


We work with  the most  wedding agencies and photographers on the island to create fun, from high-end weddings and social mixers to large corporate events.
We provide our services in very special rates for season 2020!!