Weddings in Santorini

Santorini island is one of the most impressive places in the world. Such a popular place for weddings! Santorini weddings are always so romantic, stylish and chic. Couples from all over the world come here for the wedding of their dreams!

A stunning caldera, private wedding venues, breathtaking sunsets, meandering alleys, whitewashed resorts, blue-domed churches, azure hues… These are just some of the reasons why couples choose this beautiful Greek island for their wedding in Santorini.

You will have to start your wedding preparations 1 or 2  years before your special date in Santorini. Just discuss your nuptial vision with the wedding planners in Santorini and explain the details you have dreamt of. Make sure you have discussed all the details.All the dates between May and October are great for a wedding in Santorini.

Santorini island

So, the first thing you need to do is to choose an approximate date of the wedding.

After this you will need to:
Determine approximate budget;
Decide whether there will be guests at your wedding and how many;
Contact the weding planners in Santorini, they will calculate your project and check availability of all the locations on your prospective date. It’s absolutely free.

Once you have received pre-calculation and information on availability of various locations based on your date, you will need to pay attention to the following considerations:
If the manager has sent you several options for your ceremony – you should decide on one option.

Book the location to hold the ceremony on the date of your wedding and make a deposit to ensure that the location has been assigned to you.

If your ceremony is official – prepare all the necessary documents. This is a fairly simple process, butt if you have any difficulties.

Make sure that both you and your guests have the opportunity to fly to Greece at the right time.

Buy or book tickets and the hotel for you and your guests (It is worth mentioning that Santorini does not have large hotels so it is quite difficult to choose convenient accommodation for a large number of guests. If you need any help with accommodation – we are happy to advise and help.

Coordinate the main points of your contract with the Agency . Remember, even 2 months before the ceremony you can amend the contract to “improve” it. So, it’s better to make a contract with the Agency for a more affordable option than a “luxury” one. Remember: you can always easily add necessary components to your wedding program, but it is is much more complicated to remove them from the contract.
We advice you to decide on the final contract at least 6 months before the ceremony.

Wedding ceremony

A symbolic wedding in Santorini is the simplest in terms of preparation. If you are already married and just want to have an unusual ritual or to celebrate a wedding anniversary – then this event is for you! The official ceremony is the real marriage after which you get the marriage certificate certified by the municipality of the island. The church wedding – a religious ritual can be performed together with the wedding or separately (if you are already married).

The locals welcome all moments of nuptial bliss, from Civil,Religious Orthodox,Katholic,Symbolic,and Hindu-weddings to same-sex weddings and vow-renewals.

There are many chapels and churches in Santorini that can host a dreamy wedding. But when it comes to Santorini weddings… there are no limits! It is legal to have your wedding ceremony literally anywhere, from a blue-domed church or chapel, to a sun-kissed beach or an idyllic cave. There are tons of wedding venues of incredible natural beauty all over the island. In addition, most vineyards and wineries in Santorini are extremely convenient and can do double duty, offering spaces for both the ceremony and the reception.

Santorini island
A wedding in Santorini can be the most beautiful and important event of your life , especially if properly organized.

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