02.10.2019 – Wedding day

We got married at the beautiful Rocabella Hotel at the exclusive pool venue at 4.30PM. We arrived in Santorini 2 days prior to the wedding to meet with Rocabellas wedding team to go over the final details. Prior to that meeting everything was handled through email and Skype between myself and the wedding team. Maria and Katerina were so calming and kind throughout the entire process. I felt so at ease knowing they had my best interests in the planning of the wedding.

We had 42 guests total which included 4 children. My two sisters were my bridesmaids and my husbands Brother and Sister were his groomsmen. For hair and makeup we had Popi Margariti and she too was so calming kind and understanding. My family and I were at extremely high stress levels and popi was able to keep me calm the morning of. I felt and looked like a princess. Popi stayed to ensure I looked perfect until it was time to start the ceremony. We even had a next day photo shoot and she was there at 6am to do my hair and makeup and made me look like I had a fresh 8 hours of sleep instead of the 3 hours of sleep I actually had haha

Flowers were my absolute FAVORITE. I used Betty Flowers and boy did she not disappoint. I have never seen a more stunning bouquet and the smell was just incredible. I had only sent her a photo of the colors I wanted and just asked if she could use fresh local flowers and boy Im glad I did. I had flowers in my bouquet I would have never guessed to request! Photography I used Ben Rigas. He was so kind and uplifting from the time we started taking pictures. He really makes you feel beautiful and confident throughout the picture taking process. He was so knowledgable on poses and positioning for the best pictures. We did a second day photoshoot and my husband was REALLY not enjoying the fact that we had to be up so early the day after our wedding but Ben was able to be patient and was able to joke around and pull my husband out of his mood! Ibam so thankful for all Ben did for us to make our lasting memories so special. I highly recommended a second day photoshoot but maybe do it 2 days after the wedding if you have time, unfortunately we did not have the time planned on the Island. Wedding Whimsey provided us with the beautiful Wedding arch for our ceremony. They were great at communicating and helped with ideas for other decorations we wanted.

We had a Harpist and Violinist for our ceremony and they were absolutely beautiful. They even played a guns and roses song! I used Harp’Eri Harpist and she provided the violinist her partner. DJ Kostantinos provided all the fairy lighting, sparklers, and boat fireworks for our wedding night. He did NOT disappoint. The fairy lighting was an absolute dream and the fireworks blew everyone away. He truly made the wedding a WOW factor. We also had a vendor who Maria coordinated with to provide light up G & R letters that I was absolutely inlove with. We even had Greek Dancers including plate breaking and that was such a fun and memorable moment during the wedding everyone had an absolute BLAST! Highly recommended having the dancers it brought everyone together on the dance floor and offered new experiences. Maria from Rocabella is the one who contacted them so not sure which company we used.

This was the most beautiful perfect day only wish was I wish it lasted longer! I would have started the ceremony earlier just to make the day last longer. I was so inlove with everything we had and everyone that was there. What a perfect day!!!