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      Here we are posting important announcements for our community.

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      To Brides: Share your wedding story!
      We have open a special page – Wedding Stories – where brides can share their wedding experience. To post for review a shared story, just use your login data and access our website’s backend.
      Instructions for creating an article:
      NOTE: Please do not upload more than 8 images per article (including featured image) – if you posts more than 8 images, we will remove the 8+.
      1. Click the NEW POST button under Posts – on the left menu of the dashboard.
      2. Set the title of your shared wedding story.
      3. Write your post in the main editing area. You can embed images too by clicking the Media button.
      4. On the right side of the editing panel, check the WeddingStories category.
      5. Scroll down and add the featured image of the article – click the blue link under the Featured image title. This image is the most important and visible first.
      Your are ready to submit for review your story!
      6. Click the top blue button Submit for review.
      Our team will review your story – we do not edit/change your post. We will make sure that the post is not a spam or contain inappropriate content for readers. If your post is OK, we will publish it asap.
      That’s it! Enjoy being an active contributor to our community!

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