PLM Events specialize in wedding DJ services, private parties and corporate events. 

We provide guidance for an exciting reception along with high-end sound equipment and impressive lighting. 

We are dedicated to helping people celebrate the greatest moments of their lives.

Our DJ services combined with our lighting packages are the perfect choice for your wedding/event in Santorini.

Based on our knowledge and experience we have the ability to take your event to the next level.


PLM Events offer: 

Professional DJ Services by Elias PLM 

Exceptional music library including all genres and trends 

Properly positioned high-end sound equipment and wireless microphone 

Dancefloor and decorative lighting packages adjustable to any venue and client’s needs 

Several add-ons such as illuminated letters, TV screen, video projector, mirror ball, etc. 

Productive and efficient collaboration with your wedding planner 

Professional equipment, clean and safe installation, unforgettable entertainment experience. 


Meet your DJ

Elias PLM is a music producer and professional DJ based in Greece.

He started DJing in the mid-90s and during the last two decades, he has been a resident & guest DJ at a number of bars and clubs. For several years he has been providing music entertainment services for hundreds of events and wedding parties. At the same time, Elias produces electronic dance music for his collaborations with many record labels around the world. Overall, he has the ability to deliver a flawless mix for all the attendees and he will ensure that everything is running smoothly and on time according to your time plan.