PLM Events is an entertainment company specializing in weddings. We provide Professional DJ Services with high-end sound equipment and impressive lighting. Our packages are designed to be adjustable for any venue or client’s needs, and also we offer several additional features to enhance your event. A combination of creativity, knowledge and experience to deliver the best wedding entertainment in Santorini. 

What PLM Events offers and why you should book with us?
Entertainment is very important for a successful wedding reception. Choosing the right DJ is crucial, especially if you planning a destination wedding. We proudly provide superior services because we put time, effort, love, care, skills, knowledge to create unique and awesome events. We work with consistency, adeptness, flexibility, and overall we know our craft. We are full-time professionals with many years of experience and we put 100% of our time and energy into each event to provide the best possible service. Effective communication is highly important in planning an event. We ensure that our communication is always clear, fast, understood, and responsive. When you book our DJ, you are not booking him only for music selection. You are paying for the experience, the energy, the mixing ability and also, for his expertise to control the atmosphere and glue the day together by ensuring the guests feel welcome, involved, and are always having fun. 

Meet your DJ:
Elias PLM is a professional DJ and music producer based in Santorini, Greece. He is the face of PLM Events and the man behind it. His company provides sound and lighting packages for weddings, private parties, and corporate events along with top quality DJ services. Elias started DJing in the mid-90s and during the last two decades, he has been a resident & guest DJ at many bars and clubs in the Greek islands and Athens. For several years he has been providing music entertainment for hundreds of events and wedding parties. He performs DJ sets of all music genres and overall, he combines creativity with knowledge and experience to deliver a flawless music mix, while he ensures that everything is running smoothly and on time according to your time plan. If you’re looking to hire a talented DJ for your wedding day, then Elias is your best option for your celebration in Santorini.