DJ Wedding services

Our team consists of accomplished professionals, specialized in a wide range of events entertainment, holding up more than 200 individual events every summer. Always working with the best, the Disc Jockey, is nevertheless the key factor; essential to set the mood and maintain high levels of energy throughout the event.
By keeping a close eye on crowd mood and reactions, our DJs always know when to switch the beats, or when it’s time for the “killer” track!
We are always focused on one simple goal: elevate any kind of event to an upscale level. Collaborating directly with a charismatic circle of the best performers and musicians around, a live event turns into a memorable experience, whether our musicians perform solo, or alongside our DJ. Sax, percussions, bongos. Feel their live energy, surrender to their beat!

Backline is a popular contemporary term used to define music, audio amplification and sound reinforcement equipment, DJ gear for bands, artists and performers behind the stage. Pro Support provides with all the music equipment an event requires at any circumstances, always being informed of the latest technical advances, always being on top of our game! Pro Support is who you hire for a successful event!

Lighting affects everything!
Pro Support is proud to demonstrate a wide range of high-tech equipment and never fails to ensure accuracy in gear set up while maintaining excellence in performance. Unconventional or customized lighting can radically change the ambience and the aura of an event. Under the correct lighting, on the exactly perfect timing, your experience can only become dazzling!

Fireworks & Special FX
Pro Support first introduced fireworks in Santorini, setting the trends with more than 15 years of experience. Striving always for impeccable shows, the Pro Support logo is now synonymous to top fireworks design and special effects. Every show performed, is always extraordinary, different than the ones before, the range of shapes and colors is renewed every year. A special touch to your event that can also be affordable and safe, spectacular and bright!

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