Sunset Piano Notes Santorini is a wedding musician based in Santorini, Greece. Raphael Sigalas is a professional pianist and graduate of the National A conservatory that provides piano accompaniment at a variety of elegant gatherings, including weddings, proposals, and private parties. His beautiful piano melodies provide the perfect component to your elegant celebration and will enhance your wedding memories.

Services Offered
Sunset Piano Notes Santorini provides piano accompaniment for a wedding ceremonies, as well as pre-ceremony music, cocktail hour, engagement proposals, and rehearsal dinners. Raphael offers extensive experience in a wide variety of genres, and can play piano selections from the genre of your choice, including classical, jazz, modern, pop, rock, and love ballads. He will customize your piano accompaniment to your music preferences. Whether you wish for acoustic music to welcome your guests at the ceremony, lounge piano melodies during cocktail hour or a customize playlist during your wedding reception, Raphael will adapt to your unique taste and provide you with the professional and versatile service that you need.

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